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I am a member of EMCC and abide by the Global Code of Ethics

I am an executive coach with a particular affinity to technical professionals. I studied at Henley Business School, and completed the Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching. Henley is accredited by the major coaching organisations:

I am professionally accredited as a Senior Practitioner through the EMCC's European Individual Accreditation (EIA) scheme.

My mission is to empower individuals, to achieve their full potential by fostering a personalised coaching experience that prioritises trust, self-awareness, and constructive challenge. I am deeply committed to guiding clients in how to overcome limiting beliefs and self-doubt, ultimately enabling them to excel in today's complex and fast-paced organisational landscapes. I strive to create a space of trust and openness, where I challenge assumptions, reflect on observations, and harness the power of silence to facilitate best thinking. This will enable us to develop the leadership skills and interpersonal abilities necessary for success.

With over two decades of experience as a Chartered Engineer, I have immersed myself in the world of engineering, gaining an in-depth understanding of its intricate workings and challenges. This experience has equipped me with knowledge of technical professionals, their aspirations, and the unique hurdles they encounter on their career journeys. Having worked in small and large multi-national organisations, I understand some of the nuances of organisational cultures. This grasp of technology, people, and how organisations function enables me to empathise with every situation in order to facilitate a coaching conversation that not only addresses challenges, but also propels clients effectively towards their goals.

My wife is a patient lady, who also helps me with my marketing. I have a busy household with two young children. In my spare (?) time I like to fly model aeroplanes and keep up to date on all things technical. If there is a technical problem to solve, I like to jump in with both feet. I always have time for people and a good chat, I love to encourage and help people where I can.

Thank you for considering me as your executive coach. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and help you grow. Reach out to me to book an introductory call.

Why am I called Heart for Growth?


I believe with my whole heart in the benefits of coaching, it brings me joy to see someone progress and move forward in their thinking and actions, moving them closer to their desired outcomes. I see the part that I play in that as an honour and a privilege.

I aim to create a space of trust, safety and openness, so someone can open up and say what is really on their mind. I really want people benefit from the coaching process and I don’t want to hinder them in any way.

I put a lot of thought into the coaching process and that desire to help someone on their journey.

The word "Heart" is also a pun on my surname "Hart".


I love seeing people reach their full potential and therefore become their best selves. To achieve this they need to grow in self-awareness, in skills and often through opportunities in their career path. Coaching can aid growth in all of these areas. If confidence has been lost and there are lots of self-limiting beliefs, coaching can help move an individual through their doubts, in order to re-gain their confidence again.

Coaching helps to bring perspective and reveal where they are currently, and help them to gain momentum in moving forwards. It creates space for an individual to gain a new perspective and realise the potential they have within them.