What Services I Offer

Executive Coaching is like having a thinking partner, 100% focused on helping individuals think through challenges in their professional lives. Coaching always works towards future outcomes rather than dwelling on the past. As a coach, I don’t have to be an expert in your domain, you are the expert in where you are. Coaching can help you navigate new chapters and challenges. It works for anyone who is open to change and wants to be challenged to explore, articulate and maintain focus on what will really make the difference for them.

Executive Coaching

In executive coaching sessions, we'll delve into your business-context growth objectives and ways to unlock your career potential. These sessions will be action-oriented, emphasising how your values and integrity can facilitate difficult conversations that may reshape your organisation's strategy. Through active listening and probing questions, I'll aid in enhancing your self-awareness, performance, and goal achievement. In addition, we'll address professional dilemmas and unconscious factors, ensuring a holistic approach to your development.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is tailored to unlock your leadership potential, addressing key aspects such as change management, delegation, crisis leadership, and effective communication to engage teams. Through active listening and strategic questioning, I'll guide you towards self-awareness, improved performance, and goal achievement, while also tackling professional dilemmas and empowering you to drive team effectiveness, strategic thinking, and authenticity in leadership. This coaching journey aims to break through career glass ceilings and promotion readiness, facilitating a career change, or navigating through redundancy.

Integrated Life Coaching

Executive coaching offers a pathway to achieving a balanced and integrated life by addressing key elements such as work-life balance, burnout prevention, and holistic well-being. Throughout our sessions, we'll explore strategies to manage competing priorities, set boundaries, and cultivate resilience in the face of challenges. I'll provide support in identifying and aligning personal values with professional goals, fostering harmony across various spheres of life. By enhancing self-awareness and prioritisation skills, we'll work towards optimising productivity without sacrificing personal fulfillment. This coaching journey aims to empower you to thrive both professionally and personally, ensuring a seamless integration of work and life domains.

Executive Coaching Packages

I find that executive coaching has the best outcomes when there are a series of coaching sessions. This allows space for exploring topics, creating actions and reflecting on the effectiveness. I offer a series of coaching packages of various durations depending on the size and nature of the desired outcomes. During each coaching package you can book sessions whenever you like. I have found that clients benefit from having a few sessions in succession at the start, and then follow a different cadence as actions and changes are being implemented. My heart is that executive coaching is in service of you and your growth, and that's why I offer flexibility rather than a fixed number of sessions.

I tend to offer individual coaching sessions once you have already received coaching from me. Perhaps as a way to check-in and maintain progress on your goals and desired outcomes. However, if you believe you could benefit from individual sessions rather than a package, please contact me so that we can discuss your needs.

Each coaching package will be tailored to your specific needs and desired outcomes.

1 Month Package

Ideal for helping an individual through a specific objective, focusing on a single business goal or a specific outcome.

3 Month Package

As well as focusing on a business goal, we can spend time on work-life integration and ensure changes identified are well-established in order to bring long-term change.

6 Month Package

Allows time to focus on multiple goals, as well working on sustained change across multiple areas.

Ideal for people who have transitioned into management or executive roles for the first time.